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Digital Nomad In-Residence (Seriously)

Posted Feb 1

Headquarters: NYC

AND CO, the intelligent mobile app that makes it easy for self-employed hustlers to invoice clients, log hours and generally keep their lives in check, is hiring a Digital Nomad In-Residence to provide tips and best practices on the remote work lifestyle for its newly launched online magazine, Hustle&Co

We know, we know. We can’t believe this is a real gig either, but alas—it’s 2017 and anything is possible. Maybe you’re posted up on the sunny shores of Costa Rica, or are currently bouncing around Southeast Asia. Whatever your location at this moment, we’re dying know: What’s it like?

We’re not asking you this pedantically, like your parents’ neighbor who works in local government and thinks that the point of Facebook is to share every g/d rescue dog success video that comes their way. We’re asking out of pure, nonjudgmental curiosity.

In fact, we want to be you—rather, we want to know what it’s like to be you. TELL US EVERYTHING. Oh, and we’ll pay you to do it. Really. Sure, it’s not enough for you to drop all of your other projects, but it’s something. Let’s call it beer money. And if you’re someplace like Thailand, that is a s—t ton of beer (#drinkresponsibility).

So, want to continue to incite FOMO in the hearts of fellow-freelancers everywhere, and drop some serious digital nomad knowledge along the way?

Here’s the job:
  • Blog from paradise (or wherever you are at the moment) for AND CO, and more specifically, for our online magazine, Hustle&Co.
  • Contribute up to two articles monthly, working with editor to develop and ultimately align with Hustle&Co tone of voice and editorial vision.
  • Please note: We are only considering someone who already living as a digital nomad. We will not pay for you to kick it in Bali for the sole purposes of this gig.

You are:
  • A full-time Nomad. Where? We don’t really care, but you will score points if it’s a) someplace cool or b) constantly changing.
  • Someone who understands the unique attributes of a remote work lifestyle, and can speak intelligently to best practices, pro-tips and trends.
  • Someone who can write in a fun and conversational tone.

We are:
  • AND CO
  • Oh, AND CO is a startup that helps freelancers, entrepreneurs and self-employed hustlers run their businesses from proposal to payment. You should download it:
  • We have an online magazine called Hustle&Co that covers everything about the future workforce. We also send out a weekly newsletter curating the 10 most fun and/or bizarre gigs we find each week. You should subscribe.

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