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Customer Support Lead (North America or Australia)

Posted Jan 30

Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

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Hey! Hola ! Hello! 

We are looking for an awesome human to help Qwilr become truly excellent at customer support. We need someone who isn't afraid to get their hands dirty, but who is also comfortable building out a team, processes, best practices and can be a leader in our company.

For this remote role we are looking for someone based in Australia (where the founders are based) or in North America (where most of our customers are based). If you are based elsewhere, but are interested, feel free to get in touch - but we likely aren't hiring just yet. 

If this sounds like you - please read on for more! 

Docs for the web.

At Qwilr, we’re bringing the power of the web to documents. Think documents that can utilize the best of the web: functional, beautiful, interactive, secure, connected to a multitude of APIs and have deep analytics. We want to help the world to move from the horrors of the 1980s “paper” paradigm of documents i.e. Word, Powerpoint & PDF to the web – because the web can do so much more.

We have the best product in the market, customers from over 50 countries, and are well funded by some excellent investors. We’re beginning to grow like crazy. So we need a talented Customer Support Lead to join our team to ensure our customers keep getting the most out of Qwilr.

At Qwilr you will develop creative and innovative solutions to novel problems amongst accomplished, interesting and fun peers. We are a small, growing team and you will have a significant impact on the development of our product & our business.

Our Customer Support Team: 

  • Deliver awesome, personal & useful support to our customers, helping them resolve issues and use Qwilr to create the best documents possible.
  • Work with our team (including our founders) to make sure that our customers’ voices are being heard in every business decision we make. 
  • Troubleshoot and log bugs to help our engineers prioritize fixes and product enhancements to keep our customers happy.
  • Create new knowledge base articles and other resources to ensure our documentation is accurate and useful. 
  • Sweat the little details with our customers - but are also comfortable looking at the big picture and understanding our business as a whole. 

You'll be great for this role, if you: 

  • Have built &/or lead a Customer Support Team for an excellent Tech company (big or small). We would expect at least two years experience in this type of role, but more would be great. 
  • Have experience working remotely and being super-productive with minimal supervision (obviously doesn't apply to Sydney based candidates). 
  • Are a kind, upbeat person with superhuman levels of EQ, who can make a frustrated customer smile, even from behind a computer. 
  • Are a creative and resourceful problem solver - who gets joy out of going the extra mile for a customer even if that isn't explicitly part of the job. 
  • Love software and are comfortable using a range of tools like Qwilr, Slack, Asana, Skype, Intercom, Zendesk, KissMetrics, Stripe and Google Apps. 
  • Can talk like a human, even when things get technical. You need to have excellent English writing and speaking skills. 
  • Are comfortable working with colleagues in Product, Engineering, Design, Marketing & Sales. 

(Not essential - just kinda neat)

  • Experience with HTML, CSS & JS (especially CSS).
  • Have worked for a SaaS company (so you're ok with MRR, Churn, LTV, NPS, etc). 
  • Have used Qwilr for some (or all!) of your application.
  • Skills with Video &/or GIF creation.
  • Fluency in languages other than English.

A Little More About Us.

Work & Life Ethos.

While we get great joy from helping our customers, creating an excellent product & building an awesome business, we also know that there is more to life than Qwilr! 

We have multiple team retreats each year, financially support further education, cover the costs of any relevant books you want to read, and we firmly believe in flexibility & work/life balance - holidays, weekends & nights are important! 

Oh, and we have competitive salary & benefits too! 

Product Ethos.

We're a company that prides itself on marrying engineering with design.


Our team has a big design focus, with some serious engineering & business chops too (with backgrounds at Microsoft, Google, Harvard, Dropbox and more). If you believe that the best way to learn is to be surrounded by excellence, we have the place for you!


Qwilr was founded by Dylan (engineer, designer and all-round creative human) and Mark (ex-Googler, business & sales guru). You will work with both of us! 

Help us maintain the quality of jobs posted on We Work Remotely. Let us know if this job isn’t really remote.

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