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Director of Development (Technical Director)

Posted Dec 29

4D Pipeline
Headquarters: Silicon Valley, CA, USA

Come join one of the best teams you can imagine. Work on great projects, getting sh!t done, make products people love! 
Having a Great Team has been our simple formula for our success.
In return - we will give you great work, great clients, great team, and a long term great profitable relationship.

4D Pipeline is a digital product design and strategy firm. We help companies Define, Design, Develop, and Deploy incredibly successful products and apps which customers love. Specializing in mobile, web, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and 3D.

You get to work with some of the best Brands and companies in the world, companies like Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, BMW, VANS, Unity Technology, Xerox PARC, and many others, including fast growing startups. You'll be playing a key role in each project and will be continuously learning new technologies and working on cutting edge products. Most of all, you'll enjoy your work and the people you work with and we'll do all that we can to help you meet and exceed your goals.


  • Must be based in UK, Europe, Russia, or US East Coast.  (for timezone reasons - most of our work is in Europe).
  • Minimum of 20 hours per week, up to 40 hours. Depending on your availability and preference. More better.
  • Looking for a Development Manager who knows how to efficiently build great software products. 
  • Experience with 3D engines (or similar) is required. Raytracing a bonus. OpenGL, DirectX, you should know these things. AR, VR, is a bonus.
  • In short - you are to help us "build amazing products and get sh!t done, on time, on budget" 

  • Based in UK, Europe, or US East Coast (for timezone reasons - most of our team is in Europe).
  • Minimum of 20 hours per week, up to 40 hours. Depending on your availability and preference. 
  • Looking for a Development Manager who knows how to efficiently build great software products. 
  • Experience with 3D engines (or similar) is required.
  • Must be an individual not an agency/firm. As part of our hiring process you will have a video interview.

  • Typical Responsibilities:    
  • •    Lead team of developers in the definition, architecture and development of end to end software solutions that span client, cloud and mobile systems.    
  • •    Lead scoping and estimation process    
  • •    Provides input to the other disciplines on the practicality of initial design goals and impact to the overall project timeline.    
  • •    Evaluates software implementation on design and task thoroughness    
  • •    Helps to identify high risk areas.    
  • •    Drives projects to success from start to finish, including design, development, QA, and release    
  • •    Assesses technical risk and mitigation plan.    
  • •    Leads Scrum and agile process    
  • •    Establishes standards and procedures to track and measure project's progression.    
  • •    Able to maintain deadlines and keep development ontrack    
  • •    Maintain the monitoring system and communicate the work in progress;    
  • •    Work with partners, both internal and external to develop, integrate and deliver solutions.    
  • •    Provides guidance and mentoring to less-experienced staff members to set an example of software applications design and development innovation and excellence.    
  • •    Maintain a good team dynamics;    
  • •    Integrate required frontend and backend systems together    
  • •    Oversees technical design documentation process for correctness and timeliness.    
  • •    Evaluates development team(s), identifying strengths, problem areas, and developing plans for improving performance.    
  • •    Evaluates interview candidates for technical positions.    
  • •    Scouts for and evaluates new technology and tools as opportunities for innovation and development excellence. 
  • Qualifications:
  • Ideally minimum 5+ (ideally 10+) years software management experience.
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills.Experience in overall architecture of complex end to end solutions across client, cloud and mobile systems.
  • Proven competency in developing mission critical, high throughput system architecture.
  • Deep experience in scrum, agile, and waterfall development methodologies
  • Deep experience in all areas of software development, from concept, design, development, QA, and release management.
  • Good knowledge of web-service and data-driven application architecture.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to effectively communicate product architectures, design proposals and negotiate options at business unit and executive levels.
  • 3D engine experience or similar (for example, game development, CAD/graphics systems experience, or Virtual or Augmented Reality  systems experience)
  • Experience with GIT/SVN, Jira Agile, and/or related systems
  • Past development experience a bonus
  • UX/UI design experience a bonus
  • Database experience a bonus

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