Zoomforth Inc

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Headquarters: San Francisco

We aim to make the complex simple and the boring beautiful.

Zoomforth started in January 2013. At the time, consumer devices and platforms were increasingly orienting their technology around the ability to create, share and consume rich media. Communicating with photos and videos, for example, was clearly becoming ubiquitous, and a central part of how we'd use the internet to interact. We knew these emerging media types would soon play as important a role in the workplace as they were in consumer life, and saw a big opportunity to help professionals more effectively use content in business-specific ways. 

So we created a platform that made it easy for professions with no tech or design skills to quickly assemble content into beautiful, branded, secure pages. No more waiting on the IT or creative departments.

Our software exists to make the complex simple, and the boring beautiful.

The name "Zoomforth" was conceived to suggest progress toward new technologies, and to convey the notion of speed and ease... It also happened to be one of the few combinations of any two words that, when combined, generated an available $13 .com domain that we were able to buy. We had humble, if ambitious, beginnings.

We had early successes landing some big brands like Deloitte, AT&T and Microsoft, and we raised $1.4M in seed capital (investors include groups like Crosslink Capital and 500 Startups, and angels including the director of Stanford's endowment and the CEO of the NYSE) in order to build the team and flesh out our idea. Ever since, we've grown on revenue, and now we're expanding our team and product to bring powerful web design and communication tools to teams everywhere.