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At Zelt, we're building the operating system for the modern company.

The problem: siloed software slows down and confuses employees.
The average tech company operates a highly fragmented stack of over 150 different systems and applications. As a result, running internal processes requires a lot of manual admin, and employees don't know where to find or make changes to important information, documents and resources relevant to them.

Our mission: integrate the entire stack and create a unified hub for people, apps and devices.
The availability of APIs and accessibility of automation technology like SSO and MDM has reached a point where every company could take advantage of them, however today only large companies have the resources and required expertise to implement expensive software tailored to the enterprise. 

Our mission is to make business automation technology easily accessible to EVERY company, and we achieve this by integrating the entire IT stack and creating a single hub for all people, apps and devices. With Zelt, our customers can run HR and IT in one place, connect all apps, systems and devices in a central hub, get rid of admin, and provide employees with a unified portal for everything they need at work.