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We develop high-quality niche security & admin utility plugins to help administrators better manage & secure their WordPress websites.

WP White Security is a WordPress plugin development company with decades of experience in developing high-quality WordPress user and site management and security plugins for developers and administrators. Our plugins make it easier for administrators to manage and keep their websites secure, while keeping their users and their sensitive information protected.

Our industry-leading plugins are designed with security and usability in mind. From the ground up, our team of developers test every feature and every function to ensure a seamless experience for our customers. We develop six different WordPress plugins. Our flagship product is WP Activity Log, the #1 user-rated and most comprehensive WordPress activity log plugin. We are proud to be part of a movement that is making valuable plugins that make the jobs of WordPress site administrators and owners easier.

Our plugins are used by world-renowned businesses like NASA, Disney, and Bosch. The WP White Security team is proud of the work that we do, and we plan to raise the bar even higher with each new update we release and each plugin we create.