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We are building the tools to make remote work better in every way than being in the office.

Workdock is a YC backed company looking for our 1st designer hire. We build collaboration and communication tools that enable remote workers to have everything at their fingertips when working with their team.  We do this by having a native desktop app that allows a user to see their team directly on their MacOS dock, and to instantly communicate with them.  We recommend going to https://workdock.app and taking a look.

This is only step one and we have big plans to make remote work better than working in an office.

Who we are:

Hi I am Chris Evans (CEO) who successfully exited my last company Flyt to Just Eat/Takeaway.com.  I have joined forces with Ricardo Clerigo (CTO) as my co-founder who I previously worked with at Flyt and is a superstar coder/product owner/everything.  We both code and our biggest skill is moving fast, we love to iterate on an idea and get real feedback from users. My last company I made 7 multi-millionaires and this time I am aiming for way more.