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Cologne, Germany

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Visibility into application performance, user experience & IT security

We're a successful software company that wants to continue growing organically. We're owner-managed, we don't have to answer to venture capital firms, and we're proud of our enterprise customers in more than 30 countries.

We believe that micromanagement and meetings kill creativity and productivity. We offer a work culture where employees choose where and when to work.

We develop software for enterprise IT because that is the market and mindset we understand. We know how IT professionals think and what kind of tools they need. We also know how complex a lot of the enterprise software out there is. That is one thing we set out to rectify.

Our uberAgent product provides unprecedented visibility into the user experience and security of physical PCs and virtual desktops. uberAgent's metrics are used by our customers to optimize the performance, security, and reliability of their employee's devices.

Quality metrics combined with ease of use: uberAgent is a product people like to work with. The same is true of Splunk, the platform which uberAgent uses for data storage and visualization.