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Simple isn’t always better — except when it is. Better estate planning, plain and simple.

The current state of estate planning is antiquated. We are going to change that.
Today’s estate planning tools—for advisors, lawyers, and consumers alike—are significantly lacking. Moreover, most advisors spend little time on even the basic components of estate planning. Vanilla was created to squeeze the inefficiency out of document preparation, increase an advisor’s and a client’s understanding of their estate, and to demystify the challenges of dealing with estates post death.

Our team brings together a diverse group of designers, developers, operations managers, and attorneys.
Vanilla has been modeled as a remote-first company since day one, allowing us to work with the best people from around the world. As a product-first company, we have built our team around people that have a passion for building beautifully designed products that make complex workflows as simple as they can be.