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Uplift Agency Ltd.

Boulder, CO

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Build products that are a joy to use.

Our two founders, brothers Paul & Marius, combined have 20+ years experience working in tech.

Grow up, get a job, work 9-5 day in & day out. You know the outline, right? This works for some people and that’s great. But not us.  We decided to learn more about building products from those who already do it successfully. We worked with Silicon Valley companies, MIT, and startups. We helped interview people, build teams, & launch successful products.

These experiences became crucial and helped us gather skills to be self-sufficient consultants. In 2013, our passion for the outdoors really started growing. We wanted to break out of the office job, yet we really enjoyed our work. Paul started consulting on his own, and made it work for a few years. After moving to Colorado, he had another chat with Marius, and they both took a step back and decided to build a consulting agency together.