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Universal Avenue

Stockholm, Sweden

Jobs posted: 5

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Universal Avenue digitalize small and medium-sized businesses.

Help accelerate the world's digital transformation

Universal Avenue is on a mission to accelerate the world's digital transformation by delivering an unmatched experience for buying and selling hardware, software, and services for businesses worldwide.

Our platform enables sales organisations to take control of their IT sales process by giving their customers tools to handle employee onboarding, hardware and software purchasing, and asset management.

Since 2014, Universal Avenue has gained the trust of 30,000 local business owners to supply them with the solutions they need to grow and compete in a digital economy. Our B2B e-commerce platform unites sellers, buyers, and sales partners in one ecosystem where they get access to:
  • Sellers - a global B2B distribution network
  • Buyers - a wide range of solutions to digitalize and take their business to the next level
  • SalesPartners - a turnkey platform to increase earnings by connecting buyers and sellers
Come work for a company that encourages personal development and a diverse mindset. Our team today consists of people from across Europe, US, South America, Africa and Asia. We believe that by mixing people from different cultures and locations we achieve the best results.