TrendSpider LLC

Chicago, IL

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We build technology to level the playing field for retail traders, by empowering them to improve their performance, speed up their analysis time, and help them make smarter trading decisions.

We are a small software development and research company headquartered in Chicago with a remote team spread across the US and Europe. Our team is focused on Fintech projects designed to leverage big data and machine learning in the financial markets. Our primary software product is an innovative charting and monitoring platform for active traders and market analysis professionals called TrendSpider. We like to bill it as the world's most powerful stock chart analysis tool for active technical traders and market analysts. Our custom built, patent-pending technology uses smart algorithms, AI to help automate the routine grunt work of trading - freeing the user/trader up to look at more charts and make smarter, more timely decisions. We pride ourselves on our innovative technology and unique team structure. As a 100% remote team company, our staff spans the globe, and are as diverse as our customers are. This allows us to hire the best people ANYWHERE instead of just the best people here in Chicago and Denver where we are headquartered.