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Headquarters: 100% Remote. No HQ.

Trackly's mission is to help individuals and teams to be more productive.

For the past 8 years, we’ve worked remotely, running multiple online businesses. Some of them affected tens of thousands to millions all over the world.

The biggest problem we faced?

Our team members were unproductive and we didn’t have the means to change that. No tools to analyze their activity, no metrics to improve, and no real insights in our hands to act upon.

We slowly came by the idea of solving the productivity problems we were experiencing — in order to make life easier for anyone in a similar position.

It started by reading plenty of books, studying top performers we look up to. Influential entrepreneurs. Then, we practiced many of their principles on ourselves and our teams. Analyzing the results, doubling down on the things that worked and stopping the things that don’t.

Continuous disciplined repetition of this process got us some great results.

Some would say that productivity can be summarized in two words: Focus & Intention.

However, turning words into action isn’t that simple and many people all over the world are not using their time wisely.

Thus,Trackly was born.

Trackly is a productivity tracker for teams. It's like a second brain that helps you understand where you spend your time, map your activity and give insights on how to be more productive so you can focus on the most important task at hand.