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Always to deliver memorable experiences

The Bunny Inc. story so far:

   ·It was founded in 2012 as VoiceBunny.

   ·It focused on offering mission-critical creative outsourcing: high-quality, fast, and reliable.

   ·Our first and largest category, voice overs, is already the largest producer of professional voice recordings on the planet.

   ·Bunny Inc. was bootstrapped.

   ·We're profitable.

   ·We're growing fast.

   ·We have thousands of clients.

   ·We work with thousands of freelancers. The top ones make upward of $150/hour. They love us! (In our considered opinion, this is where the gig-economy should be heading).

   ·We have 40+ remote team members in 10 countries.

   ·~50% of our revenue comes from the US. The rest from around the world.

  · Bunny Inc. is owned by the Torre Group, a holding that also owns Voice123, Torre, and is expanding.

We’ve already expanded into writing and translations, but our goal is to offer 1,000 different types of short-term outsourced services within a decade. Thus, we need an entrepreneurial, hard-working strategist to kickstart the effort. We’ve codenamed this venture BunnyWorks (as a nod of acknowledgment to Lockheed Martin SkunkWorks).