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Aachen, Germany

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If you could catch up on meetings within minutes, which ones will you attend?

πŸ“š About tl;dv

πŸ‘‰ Run by a kick-ass, fully remote, and trusting team of entrepreneurs and product folks.

πŸ‘‰ Used and loved by the most forward-thinking companies.

πŸ‘‰ Backed by the leading early-stage funds in Europe.

πŸ‘‰ Advised by investors on the Forbes Midas List.

Meetings with more than 4 people - a thing of the past. Our vision is to end meeting fatigue. tl;dv records and transcribes your meetings from any popular meeting provider like Zoom or Google Meet. More importantly, organizers love tl;dv to highlight the key meeting moments as they happen. The tl;dv is shared with all meeting invitees, no matter if they joined the meeting in the first place, or not. And that, my friends, is huge because it enables teams across the organization to adopt an async-first mentality. Only key project stakeholders join live, while the rest of the team catches up on the critical moments of the tl;dv.

We at tl;dv are big believers in remote work. Far before the entire world population was forced to work from home in 2020, we have already been working in remote and distributed teams at global organizations. We know what works ... and we know what doesn't work just yet. We feel incredibly fortunate to have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity - and to empower every team to schedule work around their life instead of the other way around!

Companies need tools to collaborate async-first and efficient, yet employees also long for emotional connection among their peers across the globe. tl;dv combines the efficiency of async collaboration with the human element of video and democratizes your access to knowledge and emotions - wherever you are and what schedule you're living on.Β 

If you'd like to read more about our reason for existence check out our Manifesto!

🀝 Our Team and Culture πŸ‘

Our team is made up of people who have been working in big corporations, small agencies, made career changes, and built start-ups before. Here is what we value:

Independency and trust

We schedule work around life and not the other way around. We trust everyone on the team by default, trust should always be a pre-requisite. We'll align on goals, KPIs, and targets, so you're fully in the driver's seat! Failing is crucial to growth. The faster we fail, the faster we learn. We discuss intellectually honest before things are at risk to go south. Like south, south. We'll reach goals together, we'll celebrate our wins together!

Async-first mentality, efficient meeting culture

We treat time zones and your schedule with due respect. We believe information and knowledge should be acquired once, and distributed forever. We maintain a single source of truth so that all knowledge is discoverable by every team member independently. We love cross-functional collaboration. 1 + 1=3. Together we can achieve so much.

We win together and never forget to have fun

Our team comes first, always. We love Banter, silly jokes, and The Office. tl;dv is run by skateboarders, painters, guitar players, pasta chefs, and Formula 1 couch drivers. We love to work on our own schedule and have virtual coffees at random times and with random members twice a week. We work from wherever we like. Currently: Uganda, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, Portugal, Russia, and Paraguay. We strive to travel and meet each other a few times a year in crazy places - to rent a house and chill out, play games, brainstorm or do hackathons. tl;dv is only as strong as the weakest member in the team. We will ALWAYS prioritize this. Vulnerability is strength.