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Threekit 3D & Augmented Reality

Chicago, IL

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We strive to use 3D and augmented reality to improve the eCommerce landscape and provide better customer experiences for shoppers and business buyers everywhere.

Threekit is a visual commerce platform that helps brands deliver engaging customer experiences.  With Threekit, brands are not only able to create and manage high quality 3D versions of their catalog, but they also have the ability to generate quality 3D product configurations, lifelike 2D renders, or display their products in augmented reality.  With a single, self service platform, brands are able to easily create, manage and update their products all while having complete ownership of the assets and insight into their digital product pipeline. 

Threekit has been essential in helping some of the most recognizable brands create exceptional experiences.  After releasing their configurator, California Closets saw a 25% increase in revenue, and TaylorMade reported 2x their forecasted revenue within the first 90 days of release.