The Sales Developers, Inc.

Sacramento, CA

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We are the team called on by B2B organizations actively invested in growth when they need outbound sales expertise delivered with no fluff and total commitment to excellence.

We’re modern outbound sales experts.

We’ve spent our careers filling the top of the funnel for high growth sales teams. Now we’re leveraging that experience for our clients.

In 2017 we wrote the best-selling book “Outbound Sales, No Fluff”.​ It was quickly adopted as the text of choice for teaching the fundamentals to college students, new hires, and aspiring salespeople across the globe.

If the fundamentals can fit in a 50-page book, how hard can they be?

While the formula is simple, the execution is incredibly difficult. It takes an understanding of the way buyers engage today combined with a knowledge of the best in sales technology and methodology.

We built our careers driving top of funnel sales opportunities. Now we’re delivering those learning as a managed service so you can fill your funnels to the brim!