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Test Double

Columbus, OH

Jobs posted: 5

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Improve the way the world builds software

Test Double is a consulting agency co-founded by Justin Searls. Our top-tier developers are deployed as remote additions to our clients' teams. Our agents not only deliver quality software quickly, we help our clients improve in ways that will last long after we've left.

Here's what you can expect working at Test Double:

--> Career Growth: From your first interview, we want to help you build a path for your career success. If you want to learn new programming languages, mentor other developers, hone in on your management skills - we want to know about it! Tell us, and we'll work together to help you attain your specific goals. 

-->Work life balance - “Happy, Healthy, and Supported” are the adjectives our agents often use to describe their experience. We're not running our engineers into the ground with tight timelines and late nights. Expect to up-level yourself  and do challenging work, but not at the risk of burning out. 

-->100% Remote - We offer a remote work infrastructure that keeps you engaged with your team throughout the week!

-->100% Employee owned company -  We want you here for the long haul

...And much more! 

We're currently hiring full-time and contract for the following roles:
--Senior Software Engineering Consultant - Ruby
--Senior Software Engineering Consultant - React