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We disrupt conventional thinking to expand what is possible. We ignite change in the future we share.


Tesera is an emerging technology company focusing on two business lines.  Our primary business lines are as follows:

Professional Services has always been a focus for Tesera.  We help our clients implement projects in areas such as open data, data management through visualization and analysis, data science, commercial product development and geospatial solutions.  In the past year our Professional Services teams have completed a variety of projects including building the SaaS platform for an award winning energy services asset management startup, building a set of citizen science mobile monitoring apps, building a new way to share environmental monitoring data, building a sophisticated automated data quality control pipeline for the forest sector, creating a portal for biodiversity monitoring data, and delivering a series of applications to support the Fort McMurray wildfire recovery.  Helping us build and expand this core service area will be your primary responsibility.  

High Resolution Inventory Service  (HRIS) is our second business area.  HRIS enables our clients who manage landscapes to have a higher level of resolution and accuracy that they’ve ever had before.  HRIS combines LiDAR, colour infrared imagery, climate indices, terrain indices and ground plot data via machine learning processes to predict attributes about the landscape.  The types of information that can be generated from HRIS are far-ranging from types and quality of timber resources to locations of streams, potential wildlife habitat and amount of carbon sequestration.  The HRIS solution, creates attributes across an  entire landscape creating an inventory that has more useful attributes and is at a more detailed resolution than other approaches available today.