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The #1 Event Marketing Software for Planners who Like to Get Sh!t Done

Swoogo makes super intuitive event marketing software for planners who like to get sh!t done. Built to make our users say “duh,” event creation involves a wizard (it’s no Harry Potter but it’s still cool), building event sites is as simple as drag and drop (or BYOCode if that’s more your gig), marketing tools like site tracking and google analytics can be turned on with like, one button, and registration features some powerful little tricks like unlimited conditional logic. Pepper in a customer success team that brings in comments like “holy crap, you just lightbulbed my head!” (real user commentary) and a development team that basically lives to build stuff customers need, it’s no wonder Swoogo’s the fastest growing event marketing tool out there. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself— check us out at get.swoogo.com.