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Handmake rugs direct from the makers

About Sukhi

In Nepali, Sukhi means “happy.”

What makes us happy? Producing the highest quality handcrafted rugs. Preserving age-old rug making traditions. And treating artisans with dignity and respect.

Happy for you to play a part
When you choose a Sukhi rug, you support these values too. You’ll smile when your rug shows up on your doorstep.

Happy craftsmanship
We help artisans around the globe preserve their traditions. Making rugs by hand is their art. It has meaning and history.

We never will settle for using machines. Traditions need to be honored. It is important to preserve the craft of rug making.

Happy working conditions
Sukhi craftspeople are paid fair wages. We are proud of our artisans and treat them well. This helps them thrive.

Ever wonder where our rug names come from? We name them after their makers, of course!

Happy “goodbyes” to middlemen
We work directly with the people who create the rugs. That means we can offer lower prices to you. We have no warehouses, physical stores or middlemen to worry about. Just beautiful rugs.

In the end, it makes a difference.