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Headquarters: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Our automated testing service allows developers to spend more time innovating and doing work that matters.

Squash creates a virtual machine for each branch of code, automatically making your app available from a unique URL, removing all the hassle of managing your own test environments.

Squash is a new SaaS service focused on helping software developers to innovate more by saving time when dealing with test environments. Our service fully automates the deployment of test environments by creating disposable  virtual machines per branch of code. Developers can now test their changes in fully isolated environments , experiment with different variations as needed, easily share their work with different team members and people outside their organization, and spend more time doing work that matters.

Our mission is to continue innovating by bringing services to automate the testing phase of web apps, bringing more time to software developers and improving the quality of their work and workflows.

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  • Squash Labs Inc.Full Stack Engineer (Strong Python) - Help developers like you to innovate more