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Spora Health

Richmond, Virginia, United States

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We are a primary care provider and network for people of color. Our vision is to create a fresh perspective on healthcare - we call this new vision Culture Centered Care.

Through creating an equitable community of providers and services that acknowledge and incorporate the lived experiences of racialized people, we aim to address health inequities and disparities experienced by people of color. Providers in our network recognize these inequities and are therefore able to treat patients with empathy, clear information, and a solution that is cognizant of their background and needs.

Approaching healthcare from a culture-first mentality isn’t the only thing that uniquely positions us as better to serve POC communities. We are also deeply invested in technology, using advanced data science and robust machine learning to build models that lower barriers of entry to test for diseases that impact POC populations more than others. We do this in an effort to help our community be healthier so they can live fulfilling and joyful lives.