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Solar Technology Inc.

Allentown, PA

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Solar Technology, Inc. is a manufacturer of high-tech specialized construction equipment used for the management and control of traffic in and around work zones associated with road, highway and bridge construction, maintenance and repair.

Solar Technology Inc. is a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of portable solar powered roadside LED flashing arrow panels, variable message signs, radar speed displays, ITS systems and remote asset tracking & management solutions. SolarTech is a family owned and operated company with over 29 years of successful growth in the traffic management, traffic safety and construction equipment rental industries.  This is an excellent opportunity not only to become an integral part of an exceptionally talented embedded/OEM product software design & development team, but also to join a company that can provide an exceptionally rewarding long‐term stable career opportunity with very good pay and benefits.

As a small company, SolarTech’s predominant trait is flexibility. We adapt quickly to the market and customer needs, and we adapt to employees needs as well. On the programming side, we use tools and methodologies as they give us benefit, without being slavishly devoted to fads where they don’t make sense. On the personal side, we operate in an environment of trust, where we make sure to get our work done, but aren’t slavishly devoted to the clock. Especially with a remote position, while we need to be available to each other during the workday, when working on things that don’t need immediate coordination it’s fine to get the work done when it’s convenient. It’s also a good environment for people who want to make a creative difference, as we’re very willing to listen to good ideas and give credit to where they come from, and to give creative control to people who demonstrate that they can handle it and make good decisions.