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Six to Start


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Creators of Zombies, Run!

We make content for absolutely everyone

At Six to Start we believe in everyone's right to exist and be seen. We tell diverse stories in our app with caring, idealistic characters that our players love. Our workplace reflects this mission with our commitment to equality, inclusion and mutual support. Here's what some of our players say:

"I love this beautiful inclusive world you've created that you've allowed us to be a part of. Zombies, Run! has helped me through a lot of trying times and I don't know what I'd be doing without y'all."

"Zombies, Run is an exercise app, but its ALSO an incredible audio podcast where u are the main character. has lovable diverse cast of chars. and motivates you IRL to exercise at any pace you prefer! its literally the only thing thats ever made me exercise for fun and i love it."

We are not a startup

We think "hustle" is code for overwork. From the way we plan projects onward, we do everything we can to ensure people work 40 hours a week even in release-heavy months. We also support part-time working and extra flexibillity for meeting needs and challenges like caring for others, crisis and personal health.

We prefer stable software and established patterns

We consider a clever solution to be one that takes less code and effort than anticipated, rather than something that no-one has ever seen before. The best documentation is the documentation we don't even have to write, because someone else already wrote it.