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At Semaphore, we're building a platform that makes development teams move faster.

Semaphore is a leader in hosted continuous integration and deployment, with over 30,000 engineers relying on it to test and deploy their code. We work in small, highly effective teams, and every person is vital to the success of the company.

We're at the forefront of an ongoing evolution in software development. Our customers are companies across more than 100 countries, from teams in industry heavyweights to startups just about to make their dent in the universe. What they all have in common is a need to move as fast as possible — and Semaphore enables them to do that.

Our team is made of smart, creative people who love their craft. We believe that a great place to work is where we're surrounded by self-managed people who consistently do good work and positively inspire us. We work in a fast-changing environment of a new market, and there are many ways you can make a great impact. You will not be just improving the product or customer experience, but have a voice in shaping the company culture too.

Sounds good? Come work with us.

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  • Semaphore CIHead of Marketing
  • Semaphore CIHead of Marketing [ Europe only ]
  • Semaphore CITechnical Support Engineer [ Europe only ]
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  • Semaphore CIDevOps Engineer
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  • Semaphore CISenior Rails Developer
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