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London, United Kingdom

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Scientia is a worldwide FinTech Consulting and Software Development Firm based in London – UK, with offices also in Athens and New York. Assisting Financial Institutions (Banks) to innovate, by offering lovable Digital Financial Services to their customers.

Scientia has also developed a unique Research as a Service Platform, analyzing over 200 Digital Banking Solutions around the world, including the world’s Leading, and provides this information through a unique cloud-based platform.

Working with World's largest Banks and having also analyzed, designed, and developed some of the most popular Digital Financial Products, Scientia’s team has in-depth knowledge of the FinTech Industry and Digital Banking landscape.

Key pillar of Scientia is the “out of the box thinking”,  empowered by a team of exceptional people, full of passion and attention to detail. Extremely important aspect of our team's success, is the exceptional working environment we built, a true "Heaven".