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Opening the Floodgates to Restaurant Entrepreneurship

Saucepos is a technology startup with an ambitious vision and enormous room for growth serving independently owned and operated "mom and pop" ethnic restaurants.  The way in which such restaurants operate is changing, and Saucepos aims to be at the forefront of that transformation.  The efficiency improvements currently available only to franchises and big chains will become available to independent restaurant owners for a monthly or annual fee.  The enormous complexities and challenges in operating a successful restaurant will be greatly simplified.  The floodgates to restaurant entrepreneurship will open.

Saucepos was founded by Adrian Pinter, a Thai restaurant owner and Microsoft .NET developer with 25+ years experience in multiple industries.  Over the course of eight years of developing the Saucepos restaurant management solution, Adrian also developed a powerful client-server framework that's soon to be open-sourced.  See for details.  A useful comparison for JavaScript devs, regarding the client-side component anyway, is with the state management library, MobX since it implements similar concepts.