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REW Marketing

Canada - Remote

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The REW Marketing mission: “To Help Realtors Generate Booked Appointments With Buyers And Sellers Every Month”

We not only guarantee the best results for our clients. Our goal is to become a long-term growth partner that helps them build their dream business and develop their personal freedom. 

This mission also applies to our own team. We are 100% remote, and we encourage our team to work from anywhere in the world! 

REW Marketing is most productive when our teammates are fulfilled, challenged, and striving to hit both professional and personal goals. We are A-players who show up for both with full force, living an integrated lifestyle defined by nothing less than excellence. 

Our #1 Core Value: Be Responsible 

Not as in, “be responsible adults”...because we most certainly are not. But as in, Take Responsibility. For yourself, for your clients, for the wins, and especially for the failures. We own mistakes, and use them as an opportunity to get better. The only two words you will never hear at this company are “fault” and “blame.” 
If this culture does not resonate with you, please do not bother applying.