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San Francisco

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Leading the electronic music industry forward, providing innovative & timely solutions for music labels, DJs, and artists.

Proton builds software & services that power over 2000 independent electronic music labels.  Our core business is digital music distribution: helping our clients deliver their catalog to DJ stores like Beatport and streaming platforms like Spotify, while also helping them monetize on social media networks like YouTube & Facebook. 

Our Mission & Vision
Since we started in 2000, Proton’s mission has always been to lead the electronic music industry forward. As a distributor, we look for ways to help our music labels save time, increase earnings, and grow in a reliable & innovative way.  Running a digital electronic music label is a lot of work, but Proton makes it easier, sustainable, and a lot more fun.  Learn more about our product here.

The crew that runs Proton also run their own record labels, produce their own tracks, and many of them are DJs too. We're passionate about music and have built Proton to help solve problems that we face every day as music makers and lovers ourselves. Meet the team here!

Currently, our main focus is monetizing DJ mixes on Spotify & Apple. Electronic music is primarily consumed in DJ mixes, but most of the places DJ mixes are played do NOT earn any money for music labels or artists. We’re changing that by making it possible & easier for artists & DJs to upload mixes to Spotify & Apple, where everyone involved can actually get paid. Our vision is that eventually, electronic music labels will earn more money from DJ mixes than their unmixed sales and streams.

Since the launch of our beta, we've distributed over 600 DJ mixes that have received over 12 million plays. Proton is now the largest supplier of DJ mixes to Spotify & Apple.

Our Values
There are a lot of digital distributors out there, but there are none like Proton. Our values set us apart from an industry otherwise obsessed with growth, mired in technical debt, and generally out of touch with actual needs of the electronic music creatives & community.
  • Love & Respect for the Music - At Proton, everything we do is based on a passion and respect for the music & the creatives who make it. While this may sound cheesy, and any music company would say it, these are not hollow words: our love for the music guides everything we do. Our track record speaks volumes: see our greatest hits below!

  • Lead with Integrity & Vision - Proton was born out of a lack of transparency, accountability, and technical leadership in the rest of the electronic music industry. We were upset artists weren’t getting paid fairly, but quickly learned why: it was increasingly difficult for label managers to actually do that in a digital era without the right tools. From our inception, we’ve been devoted to leading the industry forward with a vision for what needs to change: with creative & timely solutions that solve real problems & build trust with artists, music labels, DJs, and their fans.

  • Grow Sustainably - Like our clients, Proton is a true independent. We’re not owned by another company and we’re also fully bootstrapped: this means we are not beholden to investors. While the rest of our industry (monopolies, startups and private equity backed firms) are obsessed with growth and scale, Proton is devoted to sustainable growth that doesn’t compromise our values.  And it’s working: for the last 4 years, our average annual growth has been over 35%.