Pixels for Humans

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Headquarters: Boston, MA

At Pixels we believe that technology can make the world a better place for everyone. To get there, we work with SaaS startups to create intentional businesses that care – about their impact on individuals, society and the world.

Pixels for Humans is a small, woman owned business that helps tech start-ups grow into mature businesses that invest in their community and center people over profits.

We know that technology’s biggest challenge is to solve people’s problems, not which software stack is best. And we know that even the most well-meaning of tech companies struggle to really help people.  We’re here to making helping people your core business.

Tech is, and has always been, political. We have the power to create products & interfaces that change behaviors, change lives. The work we do matters. 

At Pixels we believe that when shipping new features and launching new products, you need to understand not just the letter of the spec, but its spirit: the end goals that those systems help people accomplish and the impact on them and their communities.