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OTTOmate ltd

Mexico City / London

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OTTOmate is a privately funded micro company active for the past 10 years in the independent music industry. We are a tiny and experienced multi cultural team keen on organic growth and transparency.

OTTOmate is an online reporting and analytics tool for the independent music industry. It enables distributors, aggregators and labels to process, validate and monitor digital (and physical) sales data. The aim is to simplify internal reporting processes and bring transparency to the entire reporting chain from the music platforms to the artists via the intermediaries. 

We have over 20 years of experience in the digital supply chain and reporting tools and run a platform which processes 20% of the entire music industry via a custom made software we built and manage for the leading independent rights organisation. We help labels and distributors/aggregators streamline their workflow by simplifying a tedious process and making it more transparent to artists and labels. 

We are expanding our knitted development and engineering team to grow our core platform service OTTO GLIDER to modernise the overall system underlying our product and services. These positions are preferably remote (time zone will be important to have both independent and collaborative teamwork), can be full-time or part-time or per contract depending on experience and personal situation/projects. 

OTTO´s platform is made of two suite ranges from a core system of sales files ingestion, processing and distribution with which we have powered the independents 
  • A tailor-made solution with easy customisation (currently used by the worldwide Merlin Network, the leading organisation representing 15% of the global industry)
  • OBA (Otto Business Analytics): a user-facing system for digital aggregators and distributors
  • OTTito: a solution for small distributed labels to send statements to artists (http://www.ottomate.me/ottito/
  • An API to connect to the core system and enable integrations with other systems