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Make the leap from A/B to AI: OfferFit selects the best message, incentive, timing, and channel for every customer.

OfferFit is a decisioning engine that replaces A/B tests for enterprises. OfferFit’s cloud SaaS
product uses self-learning AI to automatically conduct countless experiments to discover the best message, incentive, timing and channel for each person.

The key benefits that OfferFit delivers to its users are:

a) Testing at a warp speed: Years of learning can be completed in just a few weeks by
simultaneously testing every lever (channel, incentive, creative, timing and more)

b) True 1:1 personalization: Deliver the best offer to customers based on their individual traits
and preferences

c) Adapt instantly: OfferFit enables automatic adjustment decisioning based on evolving
customer behavior

Organizations adopting OfferFit have seen program revenue lift of 10—20% or more while lowering cost of sales.