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North Star Marketing

Burlington, NC

Jobs posted: 2

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About North Star Marketing

At North Star Marketing, our core focus is enrollment marketing that connects qualified students to valuable opportunities for brighter futures. To that aim, we work with institutions across the country (private, independent, faith-based, and charter/public), helping them shape winning marketing and enrollment strategies.

Core Values

Commit to Excellence - Goes above and beyond when it is necessary. Seeks and accepts challenging or even tedious tasks. Infuses quality into development at all points. Creates work that stands out and above the norm.
Lead with Humility - Self-motivated and diligent. Defines success by the team. Accepts criticism and acknowledges weakness graciously with the desire to change.  Gives sincere praise to others on the team.
Pursue Growth - Continually learning and never settling. Pushes others and the organization towards improvement regularly.
Push for Clarity - Seeks the context or “why” of a particular task. Plans ahead instead of reactive. Communicates unambiguously.
Value Community - Understands and works well with others. Fits neatly within the organizational culture. Concerned with others’ needs and engaged. Behaves well within meetings and other social interactions.
Find Joy in Work - Possesses a positive, optimistic attitude. Promotes a feeling of well-being in others.