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The most preferred platform for software engineers to find permanent remote jobs

At Nixa.io, we are on a global mission to change both how and where companies recruit technical talent. In fact, we want to flip the whole traditional model of recruitment. It doesn’t fit the needs of innovative and fast-growing businesses today. We are on a mission to solve two of the most common challenges of tech recruitment, the unequal distribution of talent, and the increasing time to hire across the globe. 

We believe that by equipping people with the best tools to solve their own problems, we can tackle the whole world's problems better, together. That's why we have built a fully automated and self-service platform for software engineers and tech companies to connect based on actual preferences. We remove the hassle from the process and let companies apply to candidates instead of the other way around. Due to our pre-qualification process, you will be able to jump straight to final interviews and close a new job within 2 weeks. We only work with companies that are hiring for 100% remote roles on a long-term basis.