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Blacksburg, VA

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We help complex organizations launch successful digital projects and build effective digital teams.

At NewCity, we make digital more human — one website at a time. We take the time to know our clients, so we can develop better solutions to help them achieve their goals.

NewCity is a 26 year-old, 25-person firm, working in a highly collaborative, low-ego environment to create digital experiences for the real world. We ask big questions, dream big dreams, but at the end of the day we build things that work. Our culture is can-do, roll-up-your-sleeves, I’ve got your back and you’ve got mine. We’re constantly learning, experimenting and reinventing NewCity. We design and build enterprise-level websites for higher education, large non-profit, and commercial clients. Our core expertise is in the higher education and non-profit space where we’ve been pioneers of human-centered design for over two decades.