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Neurobehavioral Systems

Berkeley, CA

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NeuroBehavioral Systems (NBS) has a single focus: to provide researchers with precise and powerful software tools to create innovative behavioral and physiological experiments.

NBS believes in the promise of cognitive neuroscience to understand the brain mechanisms of sensation, perception, emotion, action and self-awareness. The scientific study of brain function requires precise tools for measuring cerebral and behavioral responses, and NBS is pledged to providing innovative software to permit scientists to study a complete range of perceptual and cognitive processes by creating, distributing, and commercializing innovative experiments in cognitive neuroscience. NBS vows to continually add new capabilities to its software products so that a scientist’s imagination will not be held back by software limitations. NBS is committed to providing unexcelled and rapid technical support to users. NBS wants to give users the maximal flexibility to choose the research tools needed to optimize their brain imaging and behavioral experiments. NBS is also committed to providing low-cost access to Presentation® software for students and teachers. Finally, NBS has developed software features to facilitate the development and distribution of commercial products using the Presentation® platform.