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The Best Way to Access Latin America's Untapped Dev Talent

Nearsure was created to help companies from the U.S. augment their software development teams efficiently. By being remote first and connecting with developers all across Latin America, we are able to access top tech talent while keeping a lean organizational structure.

Our reach spans thousands of IT professionals, with skills in multiple industries and technologies. To ensure our clients have the best experience, we use a rigorous recruitment process that has been refined and proven effective for over a decade. Our extensive network and quality assurance are what make us the best option for all your nearshore staffing needs.

Why Work at Nearsure?

Apart from the great benefits from working from home, given that Nearsure is also a remote-first company that consists mainly of a distributed team, employees can enjoy other significant advantages such as:
  • working in challenging projects for distributed companies in the U.S. with innovating products, created by cutting-edge technologies and modern languages.
  • integrating a growing team, where the possibilities are endless.
  • enjoying the same work stability as any other person working under a fixed contract.
  • working in an amicable, multicultural environment with individuals from different countries in the region, as well as an operations team focused on providing support and ensuring every employee feels comfortable with his or her assignments.
Additionally, because each person brings their own value to the benefits of working remotely and has his or her own interests and needs, Nearsure puts together a benefits package tailored to that individual’s personal preferences, focused on their health, wellbeing, entertainment, training and personal finances. Each employee can also select additional benefits to meet their specific needs and develop the area of his or her life they consider most important.

Working at Nearsure can definitely be a game changer. We aim at building a space that can help us grow together and that provides the right tools to empower and strengthen the balance between our personal and professional lives. Interested?