Vaduz, Liechtenstein

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Bringing distributed finance to everyone

Nash is building the first high-performance, cross-chain decentralized exchange.

Today's decentralized exchanges are slow and difficult to use. They cannot handle high volume or complex order types such as market orders. Moreover, they are restricted to individual blockchains and do not allow users to trade in national currencies.

We are solving these problems through a novel off-chain matching engine, a global network of banking partners and experts in user-centered design. We are pushing for legal compliance and are among the first blockchain projects to launch a token as a fully regulated European security. 

Our founders are responsible for creating City of Zion, one of the largest open-source blockchain communities ( We have created software used by hundreds of thousands of people every day. The Nash team includes PhDs from Stanford, ETH Zurich and the FU Berlin, Y Combinator alumni and award-winning designers.