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Inspiring the creative in everybody.

A Community Of Creatives
We are a community of creatives - photographers, filmmakers, designers, and engineers - who believe the world is a better place when you get lost and follow your camera. We love the joy that photography brings to our lives and we want to make people smile a little bit more every day. Many of us started as customers before joining the team. You should do the same.

We’re always looking for passionate, dedicated, and hardworking people to join us.

Why Moment

We believe that building a great company is about fostering a team of people to deliver above their individual abilities. To do this we want to create a culture where people can make decisions, be empowered, and deliver their best work. We live by three values:

+ Deliver on our promises.
+ Listen patiently, act quickly.
+ Desire to improve.

Where We Work

Wherever you want. We are a 40 person team that is spread around the US. Most of us work out of our Seattle studio, but physical location is secondary to your love for mobile photography and delivering exceptional work.

We are building our culture to be remote as we recognize mobile photography happens wherever your camera takes you.

How We Work

Three times a year we spend an entire week together building deeper relationships, getting better, and following our lenses. One of our recent offsites was to Bend, Oregon and another was to Tulum, Mexico.

Relying on tools like Slack we stay connected through chat and the occasional phone call. This allows us to focus on our work with minimal distractions.

Different than traditional companies we are not functionally organized, instead we rally around a handful of core areas that we want to be the best in the world at. It allows us to create culture where everyone is empowered to make decisions and go faster. It also means that each team is a mix of different disciplines, providing creative growth for everyone on the team.

Who Works At Moment

We are a team of 40 that is passionate about photography and empowering people. Each of us brings a unique background, which creates for a deeper, more diverse set of perspectives.

What bonds us is the quest to improve. We take great pride in our individual work and the collective results we can deliver.

Our Linkedin page is here.


We keep it simple.

+ Equity in the company.
+ A salary.
+ Medical or $550 a month to do what you want.
+ A free Moment Trip every year.
+ Free Moment Gear.
+ Annual equipment budget of $500 for your own gear.
+ Company off-sites three times per year.
+ Unlimited vacation.

If you are looking for a long list of stuff, then you should look somewhere else. Our goal is pay people well and create the best place in the world to work.