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We're building MeetButter - which is like Zoom but laser focused on online workshops, a billion dollar niche of online meetings

At MeetButter🧈 , we're building the most powerful and delightful platform to facilitate online workshops and trainings.

Most of us have been in trainings, workshops or classes that we thought were just great or delightful - and we've all also been in the opposite. Facilitating great online workshops or trainings become even harder - it's super tough to get your energy across and truly engage the participants.

We're on on the mission of empowering facilitators to host even better online workshops than they would be able to do in the physical work.

And we simply don't think that it's easy to do so with current solutions. They're not built for workshops - and they for sure are not delightful.

We're building a fully remote team 🌎🌍🌏  to do so and currently have employees across 4 countries and 3 time zones. This is because we believe that talent is to be found everywhere - and that there is true power to be found in diversity!