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MedVision360 BV


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Improve healthcare delivery day by day...

The Dutch based Medvision360 BV is specialised in delivering high quality, secure eHealth solutions. Where stability, reliability and continuous availability of software are key to our business success. We create innovative and complex web and mobile applications, based on the latest technology. In the previous 8 years we have been working on our MEDrecord platform, which is completely standardised with open REST API’s.  Also we have spin-off companies like www.clubdiabetes.nl.

For the next years we have started several European projects. In these projects we will (for instance) monitor patients with heart failure at home, and we need to add Artificial Intelligence on top of EEG datasets for epilepsy patients and we need to develop an AI based chatbot for elderly. For this we need to connect to various devices, but also services like Google Fit, and make “something” out of all of this huge datasets. 

Therefore we wish to extend our current team of 24 people, all based inside Europe. Please note that there is no need to apply for this job if you are based outside Europe! We only want EU memberstates around CEST +/-1.

Our codebase exist of:  
  • Azure based Microservices 
  • API’s are based on FHIR (Swagger)
  • Web is Angular with CSS  
  • Mobile is ReactNative 
Within the upcoming years it is our intention to go to the market and become one of the major players in the eHealth domain. We do this with our brands:  
  1. MEDrecord is a eHealth platform as a service, please check www.medrecord.io  
  2. MedSafe is one of the 12 Personal Health Environments in The Netherlands, please check www.medsafe.io 
  3. Kennr/KnowL Learning Management Solution
Our company is certified for:
  • ISO27001:2017
  • NEN7510:2017
  • MedMij/FHIR