Melbourne, Australia

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Here’s a few reasons why working for us is awesome:

  • You’ll be provided with a top-of-the-line laptop of your choice (MacBook, Dell XPS, etc) and any software that you need to do your job.
  • We’ll pay for you to go to conferences and camps (we’ve previously been to RailsCamp, DevOpsDays and more)
  • We’re profitable, stable, well-funded and responsible for popular sites like as well as serving customers like Myer, Bob Jane T-Marts, Jayco caravans and more.
  • Our robust and comprehensive deployment pipeline (using Buildkite, Capistrano) allows us to deploy to production multiple times per day.
  • Our monthly hack days allow you to work on something new and different.

It's important to note that remote working is still new for us and we're learning as we go. All of our team work from home on a weekly basis and we are committed to making our working environment remote-friendly. If you're already working remotely, your experience and feedback will be very important.