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Marketing Magic Makers

Austin, TX

Jobs posted: 2

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Marketing Magic Makers was started in 2019 by Ainslee Johnson. Ainslee has quickly earned a reputation for herself as the go-to marketer for internet-based businesses. 

We serve clients all over the world and in many different industries including Life & Business Coaches, Online Educators, Ecommerce Brands, Influencers etc. 

The common thread among our clients is that they have an offer they truly believe in and one we can ethically get behind marketing. We never engage in sleezy or misleading marketing tactics to steal conversions. We pick our clients thoughtfully so that we don’t have to! 

Our attention to detail, excellent communication and on-time delivery sets us leagues apart from other internet marketing companies. 

Oh, and our copy is NEVER boring! We’re not afraid to push the boundaries, cuss in our copy, use GIFs, memes or pop culture references to get our message across. You will be encouraged to think outside the box and contribute your own ideas to the projects we’re working on!