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Market 8

Miami - Florida

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We partner with purpose-driven SaaS founders to achieve their vision, faster.

Market 8 is an agency 100% focused on helping SaaS firms establish the foundations of sustainable growth. We offer advising, strategy, and execution of programs to help solve 4 critical problems of scaling a SaaS company:

  • Get the product right - discover a high-priority problem in an obtainable market and align your product to it
  • Get the message right - Increase your product’s perceived value with the right message, to the right people, at the right time
  • Improve conversion rates across the funnel- Sell more by matching your marketing and sales to how your customers buy
  • Optimize CAC: LTV - Acquire customers that stick with you for the long term, with cost-effective channels
Dozens of B2B SaaS firms, from high-growth SaaS firms to enterprise category leaders, have generated millions in additional ARR with the help of Market 8. Our service has a great range from startups in the traction stage to mature enterprises!

Please follow this link https://wizehire.com/job/saas-marketing-project-manager-in-remote-eff50cfb27f4a59a