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Cambridge, UK

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We are experts in human influence mapping, using a combination of behavioural science, network science and physics to infer activity in invisible networks (i.e offline social groups). 

Think about the R number you'll have heard about with COVID-19; This concept is core to the propagation of human influence too. (albeit in reverse)

Existing methods require snooping on people's privacy which we think is wrong. 

Combining the above with anonymous data, we're helping marketing leaders change the way they speak to their audience. 

This is how we describe ourselves to our customers:

Marketing has a reputation for being an art, and like many arts it’s imprecise, often relying on feel. In our world data is king. We operate at the intersection of great marketing intuition and data science. We take marketing leaders from uncertainty about the reliability of their marketing results, to a place of confidence. We uncover how your messages move between people to create bespoke audience profiles that look like your best customers. We’ve done it for people like Comic Relief and ESET, and we’re ready to do it for you. Our user-friendly portal is designed for marketers, not for scientists and comes at a price that is less than hiring data-scientists to do it yourself.