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Linum Labs


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Linum Labs is a team of engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs. We live at the bleeding edge of the blockchain/web3 space.

Linum Labs is a software development studio with a focus on blockchain and web3 technology, founded in early 2016. We strive to be at the forefront of Web3 thought leadership and production in Africa and Europe.

As part of our mission to incentivize the positive growth of blockchain technology and support the open-source philosophy of our industry, Linum promotes ecosystem growth across the globe to make knowledge and skills development resources more readily accessible to everyone.

With our HQ located in Switzerland, and further team presence in London, Berlin, Israel, Budapest and Cape Town. We work on the full life cycle of projects, from a client coming in with an idea, planning, developing, testing, audits, refinements, and launching.

Our clients are innovators and inventors who need bespoke solutions, often for problems that have never been solved before. Most of our projects involve building smart contracts on blockchains, with front and back end web applications to interact with them.  

Our tech stack spans the latest and greatest of web and blockchain tech, including Next/Vercel for frontends, Elixir/Phoenix for backends, and Solidity with Hardhat for smart contracts.