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We help tech companies find and hire the worlds best tech talent. We help Lepaya realize their mission to empower professionals worldwide to be more effective in their work and to lead happier lives and dominate the global training market.

Our mission is to empower professionals worldwide to be more effective in their work and to lead happier lives. By joining Lepaya, you will help us to achieve this mission! We change the way organizations develop their employees and every person at Lepaya has a role to play in doing so! By delivering high impact Power Skills training at the right moment of professional careers we give learners the skills to advance both their career and their personal development. 

How can you play a part in this? By taking responsibility from day one, by challenging the status quo and going the extra mile! Our team is made of people who turn their ideas into actions, who speak up and aren’t afraid to ask questions. We love learning, a passion that enables us not only to build an immersive learning experience, but also share our knowledge and work across teams to create a unique and delightful experience for our learners. 

Lepaya launched in 2018 and has a rapidly growing client base both in the Netherlands and internationally- clearly we are doing something right! We work with a broad range of organizations from innovative and fast-growing scale-ups to Global Corporations such as Ace & Tate, L’Oréal, Microsoft and KPMG. 

As Lepaya grows our team does too, we strive and grow as a collective and work together to succeed!

We are now fully committed to rapid growth and international expansion, supported by a recent €5 mln Series A investment. This makes it the perfect time to step in. 

A word on diversity: at Lepaya, all we’re askin’ is a little respect! To us, it doesn’t matter where you were born, what you believe in, how old you are, what you look like, or who you love. We believe that different perspectives and backgrounds will actually lift Lepaya to new heights and increase our power of thinking. Our passion is to build a strong culture with respect for each other’s unique experiences, backgrounds, perspectives and skills. Join us, as there is a place for you here!