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Louisville, KY

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Client-facing application and project management for micro & commercial lenders.

Lenderfit is a client-facing project management platform for commercial lenders including Credit Unions, Banks, and CDFIs. CDFIs are well known for their support of BIPOC and woman owned businesses, as well as their ability to provide capital when an owner is not yet eligible for mainstream financing. Client facing application management allows lenders to create a digital experience for their clients that places them within the same workflow as the lending team. In addition to a shared workflow, personalized automation guides the small business through the application process more efficiently.

Direct benefits to lenders include the ability to increase portfolio size, capacity, and client satisfaction without adding additional staff. We differentiate ourselves from other Fintech solutions by offering the same amount of attention to the experience of our customer’s clients (small businesses) as our direct customer (lenders). We’re committed to providing the best user experience possible with a focus on human centered design.

Lenderfit is a fully remote company born out of years of lending experience and external customer discovery. We looked outside of our own organization to gain additional perspective on workflows, jobs to be done, unique loan products and pain points to avoid any potential blindspots and have built a modern solution for application projects. While many back-end solutions exist for commercial lending teams, Lenderfit is the first solution built from the ground up to be client facing. 

We offer our clients the ability to create, measure, and improve a personalized customer journey for applicants as well as internal lending teams. It’s becoming harder and harder for lenders to differentiate their product offerings. In addition to internal efficiencies, they must manage expectations and provide more self-guided pathways for their clients.