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LedgerComm Ltd


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We're a tech innovator in the corporate debt space. We are building an end to end trading and settlement solution to challenge the way institutions trade and manage loans.

What does our platform do? 

Simply put, our platform allows loans to trade and settle faster. Our complete solution covers pre-trade matching, trade execution and confirmation all the way through to settlement. This does not exist right now. By consolidating every aspect of a loan trade on to one platform we allow clients to close loans quickly with minimal effort. 

Our product allows us to automate legal trade documentation, flag KYC issues before trading and instantly identify any trade trip ups within minutes of execution. Digital record keeping allows instant audit, time-stamping and legal guarantees around transactions. 

Loan administration is like doing your expenses, no-one likes doing it, so we made it as fast and as hassle free as possible. 

Why the market needs our solution.....

The loan market is a house with broken plumbing. By fixing the plumbing we make the market more transparent and more liquid. By enabling a more liquid, observable market we can expand the number of investors who can buy loans. This benefits corporate borrowers who will benefit from cheaper borrowing and lenders who will have a more liquid, clearable product.

The corporate loan market is worth over $1 trillion, it is a reliability focused market where tiny mistakes can be catastrophic. Mistakes are often only picked up days after trades have been completed. The only solution is to move to a high tech, low touch model.